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Moving Images Entertainment Inc. is a global film, television and commercial production and production services company based out of Los Angeles, CA. We provide producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, photographers, VFX Artists and film and video crews as well as equipment and rentals to our customers and clients.

We pride ourselves in the quality and professionalism of our work and stop at nothing until the story, image and overall vision is at its peak.

We excel at taking a simple idea and turning it into a story that can capture the imagination of the viewer. We use a special combination of directing techniques, camera angles, composition, lighting, and visual effects to tell the story. In addition to having a solid foundation and story we use our talent and experience to complete the project with the least amount of cost to our clients.

Our production team is reliable, hardworking and highly experienced and knowledgeable in the film industry. We have a large array of union and non-union professionals available to use that will allow your project to have the best production quality possible.

Using cutting edge technology and high end graphic solutions to capture and deliver your final polished product.

Whether you need one small piece for your production or a turnkey production house to bring your concept to reality we can help. Contact us today to get started on your next project! +1 424-465-9350

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  • Keyan Safyari Founder Producer
  • Fred Cavali Producer
  • Casey Goode Producer
  • Jeremy Pfeiffer Producer
  • Danny Reams Director
  • Davin Pressnall Sound Mixer
    Sound Editor
  • Marc Villifan D.P.
  • Lindsay Morris Make-up Artist
    Hair Stylist
  • Jack Schaefer D.P.
    Aerial D.P.
  • Steve Smith D.P.
    Camera Tech
  • Tyler Bender Producer
    Sound Mixer
  • Nick Stich Editor
    VFX Artist

Keyan Safyari

Keyan began working in the entertainment industry as a 3D modeler/animator and graphic designer, before going into film/TV production. He entered the industry from a post-production aspect helping feature films, commercials and music videos realize their goals using editing and VFX. After studying cinematography and directing he began working as a cinematographer for feature films, short films, commercials, music videos and industrials for various networks and studios.  He later started producing and directing a series of projects through different distributors. He founded Moving Images Entertainment Inc. in 2004 providing a business model that was efficient, profitable and sensible, all the while providing high quality work for his clients. He is a union DP IATSE local 600 and member of the NPPA national press photographers association

Fred Cavali,

Fred is a creative shooter/producer with a background in documentaries, travel-adventure, behind the scenes, action sports and commercials. Fred started out as a stills photographer shooting musicians and actors, as well as fashion, which eventually led him to cinematography. Having shot many documentaries and behind the scenes about high profile people & projects, Fred understands the unique needs that comes with those type of productions. Also wearing the producer/director hat at times, he has produced projects for Red Bull, CNN and Disney to name a few. Other past clients include Sony, FoxSports, US Marine Corps, Army National Guard and the BBC.

Casey Goode,
Producer, D.P., Editor

With eight years of freelance camera operation combined with ten years of camera retail and rental experience, LA native Casey Goode knows how to execute and deliver a quality product. He’s shot behind the scenes for multiple high end brands including: bebe, Ferrari, BMW and Paramount as well as publications such as Vanity Fair, Men’s Health, Hollywood Reporter and Wired. He’s currently running a production company, Goode//Dreams, who has produced marketing content for ATT, Tiffen/Steadicam, IDX and Matthews Grip.

Jeremy Pfeiffer

Jeremy is a talented producer, director and editor.  For the last 15 years he has worked in international multi media production. News and documentary production for corporate and action sports media content platforms. Specializing in product-design-technology consumer sales training content as we as Corporate Social Responsibility and Consumer Trend reports

Danny Reams

Danny was raised on a healthy dose of Terry Gilliam and The Muppets, he is a creative/editor in the independent film and commercial world. As an editor, Danny has recently collaborated on branded content with Coca Cola, GAP, and Levis. He has gained a reputation for a strong sense of engaging storytelling with some of the worlds best brands and independent production companies. At market Danny has two pilots, one for a series titled THE SLOBS, a dark comedy about puppetry in Los Angeles, as well as a historical documentary series that focuses on abandoned cultural phenomenon of the past. His fingerprints can also be seen in the music video world for artists like Bryce Vine and Karmin.

Davin Pressnall,
Sound Engineer

Davin is a sound engineer living and working in Los Angeles for the past ten years. He is passionate and endlessly self driven to deliver iconic content.  He has recently provided sound services for Team One, Story Division, Super Hungry, Handmade Productions, Canon, Lexus, Nike, Coca Cola, Adult Swim, E!, HGTV, Red Bull, E Harmony, Riot Games, Fila, The Royal Machines, Esquire, Spike TV, VH1, Lifetime, CBS, NBC Sports, MTV, Disney, Animal Planet, Funny Or Die and many more.

Marc Villifan,

Marc is a talented camera operator, gaffer and all around guru on the set, he has been on numerous productions

Lindsay Morris,

Lindsay is a Los Angeles based freelance celebrity makeup artist, specializing in television/film, print, and special events.  Lindsay has had a love for makeup since the young age of 6.  After finishing up her art degree, Lindsay attended MUD in Burbank to further her education in the beauty world, to pair the professional lessons with the life experiences she had already learned. Currently, she is busy working on sets of television shows and photoshoots.  Her positive attitude, professionalism, and passion for makeup reflects in her quality of work.

Jack Schaefer,
DP/Camera Operator/Drone Operator

Jack Schaefer is a 2007 BFA graduate from the savannah college of art and design with a focus in cinematography and film production. With a relocation to Los Angeles, CA and over a decade of proper professional onset experience, his ambition and love for the craft continues to excel. While growing in his career, he’s managing his free time in furthering expanding his skills and hobbies. Currently pursing his pilots license and working on combining his love for aviation with his cinema career.

Jack Schaefer,
DP/Camera Operator/Drone Operator

Steve Smith, <br>DP/Camera Technician <br> Steve Smith, an accomplished director of photography who has lived and worked in LA since 1999, he is respected in the film industry for coordinating and building teams to work on diverse film projects. With a passion for cutting-edge technology as it relates to camera equipment. Steve has worked on numerous projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4 and is an owner-operator of RED, Sony, and Canon cameras and lenses. He is a graduate of the Film and media studies program at the University of Iowa and part of the International Cinematographers Guild (ICG); IATSE Local 600

Tyler Bender,
Location sound mixer/Producer

Tyler is a Emmy nominated location sound engineer has worked on projects ranging from  reality shows –Amazing Race, Big Brother and Dancing with the Stars to award winning documentaries –Revenge of the Electric Car ,Roman Polanski Wanted and Desired and network news –BBC, CNN, PBS and Reuters. Tyler has also produced segments for Red Bull,Oakly and MTV

Nick Stich,
Editor, Producer, VFX Artist

Nick Stich is a talented editor, producer and motion graphics artist. Nicholas has the ability to instantly absorb technical information in an ever growing industry. He graduated from the Brooks institute of photography and he dedicates himself to every project that he is involved in. Nick also has the ability to shoot as well making him a very valuable person to have for your next production

“We provide the right people
  with the right skills
  using the right tools
  to get the job done.”
- Keyan Safyari