Micro budget (500k or below)

Low budget (500k to $1 million)

Medium budget ($1-$5 million)

Big Budget ($5 million and above)

We have some of the best line producers in the business ready to help you schedule and budget your project no matter the size.

We include everything from prep, to production all the way to post.

We breakdown your budget as follows:
Budget Top Sheet
Fully detailed Production Budget
• Film or video
• Development costs
• Talent costs
Prep budget
Shooting budget
Post-Production budget
Financing costs
Completion bond cost
Contingency cost

Fully detailed production shooting schedule and a comprehensive one line schedule including each days:
• Scenes shooting
• Cast working
• Extras required
• Set & location description
• Day/Night/Exterior/Interior designation
Brief scene description & page count
• Critical assumptions
• Unions utilized
• Shooting days
• Number and shooting hours
• Main cast fees
• B camera days
• Second unit days
Complete Script Breakdown
•Scene by scene breakdown of critical departmental elements
Complete departmental reports
• Cast list
• Extra’s
• Props
• Picture cars
• Locations
• Set’s
• Wardrobe

Pre-Production Services:

Work with some of the
most talented and
creative people on the planet
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