Film • TV • Commercial Pre-Production • Production • Post-Production
  • What do we do?
    We are actual writers, producers, directors and creators of content. We literally translate your creative vision into professionally recorded images for any screen. From preproduction all the way through post and delivery, we are involved as much or as little as you require but we seek to go above and beyond what you require to ensure that you are satisfied within all aspects of the process.
  • What do we shoot, produce and direct?
    We shoot, produce and direct independent films, news, commercials, corporate videos, event content, live event for broadcast, studio films, documentaries, scripted TV, reality TV, music videos, branded content, webisodes, industrial videos, ENG, behind the scenes, red carpet and press junkets.
  • Where do we produce?
    Production Services: We provide expert production services and logistical support in the western United States based out of Los Angeles.
    Production: We shoot, produce and direct all over the world. Wherever your story needs to be told we can produce in that location using our talented team of producers and directors.
    Corporate: We produce corporate content both in our studio and at your location
  • How do we do the job?
    1. You contact us by filling out our request form or call us at +1 424.465.9350 to discuss your project.

    2. We will review your request and go over your project’s needs.

    3. We will contact you and have a discussion regarding your request. We will be diligent with our questions and collect as much information about your project in order to understand how we can do the best job for you.

    4. We will prepare a budget and if neccessary a treatment for your project. The budget will be an industry standard detailed budget. The treatment will be as detialed as possible based on our understanding of your project.

    5. We will prepare a contract and agreement. We will outline all the details, forseeable costs, job specifications and requirements pertaining to your project.

    6. We will begin production as soon as we are awarded the job. We will deliver on every phase of the budget by the highest of professional standards.
    We will thoroughly prep the production, hire the best cast and crew, manage the day-to-day details, shoot in the best possible
    locations, and fulfill every aspect of post-production required.

    7. We manage the finances and administer the entire process using industry leading cost accounting software and support it with all underlying
    documentation. The savings get passed back to you, and any overages are expressly pre-approved.

    8. We celebrate! We arent all business here, we like to have fun during and after the process making sure that the entire process is fun and fullfilling to you as a client as it is to us. We look forward to working with you!
  • Who are we hired by?
    Advertising agencies: for commercials and branded content.

    Production companies: for Production Services in The United States, Canada and Mexico. For Production all over the world.

    Corporations: for corporate videos, training videos, event coverage, PR content, Specialized product videos, B2B videos, product ads and beauty shoots.

    Record labels: for music videos

    Film producers: for films, sizzles, teasers and trailers.

    TV producers: for scripted and reality TV pilots and series.

    Movie studios, TV networks and cable stations: Moving Images Entertainment Inc., is a bondable, insured and experienced company. its principle owner, and affiliated companies are in full compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and have never been in bankruptcy, financial insolvency, or been party to a lawsuit.
  • Do we finance and distribute films and TV shows?
    We do not finance or distribute films and or TV shows. We are a creator of content. We work with Studios, networks and film funds to raise capital for projects or individuals with capital come to us to help them produce their projects.
  • Do we accept unsolicited material?
    We do not accept unsoilicted material and for your copyright protection we do not accept, read or develop unsolicited material.
  • What is the difference between production and production services?
    Usually the main difference between the two is whether or not we hire the director.

    Production: A production job typically involves the hiring of our company and one of our directors to produce and direct your
    project. Films are typically the exception, since usually this is when an outside director is already attached, but we physically produce it.

    Production Services: A production service job usually requires a full range of logistical support in the United States or specifically our home base of Los Angeles but does not require the services of one of our directors. Typically, these projects already have a physical producer and director or creative team assigned.
  • Can you do just one aspect of the project?
    Yes we can provide anything you need for your production. If you just need a shooter for a promo piece or a editor for a music video or some vfx for a couple shots of your commercial we can provide that for you.