• "Moving Images Entertainment and Keyan have been working with us for the past few years and we hope to continue doing many projects together in the future. His team is hard working, dedicated, always available, proactive and multi-talented. Keyan is a one man show... he can shoot, edit, work on websites and even make posters and designs... important part of our team..."
    -Terry Dougas (Executive Producer 1821 Pictures, Swing Vote, The Box, This Side of Truth)
  • "First Option Entertainment has many satisfied clients because of the work of Keyan Safyari and Moving Images. Cutting edge,
    creative, technically savvy and willing to exceed our expectations is why we remained customers of their video production
    services for years.”
    -Paula Bond (Managing Partner, First Option Entertainment )
  • "In my life, I've been blessed to meet and work with a few talented artists who were also someone I could call a friend and Keyan Safyari is one of them. What I like about Keyan is that he has a solid post production knowledge and is savvy in Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere, After Effects, etc. and all of that translates into him being more confident on set as the Cinematographer as he understands the range he can work within. Keyan served as the Cinematographer on a documentary I directed/produced entitled "WITH GREAT POWER: THE STAN LEE STORY".  His knowledge of lighting green screens and compositing images in After Effects in post-production was extremely helpful. If you need a company and a leader that can wear multiple hats on set and has the tenacity to pull the job together in post, my money is on Keyan and Moving Images. Don't bet against him."
    - Will Hess (Writer/Director Where There's A Will Productions, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story)
  • "Keyan is an absolute pleasure to have on set. He's a skilled cinematographer who combines technical proficiency with production
    practicality. And he does it with a sense of humor, commitment, and calm confidence. Moving Images Entertainment and Keyan were instrumental in making my film an award winner."
    -Todd Lubitsch (Producer/Director - Lubitsch Films, www.bloodofthecross.com)
  • "Moving Images Entertainment makes me look good."
    -Jeremy Pfieffer (Owner Sick Media)
  • "Keyan was grace under pressure during the four hours we had to shoot and edit our film for the Dances With Films two minute
    filmmaking competition. As DP for our two camera set-up with limited equipment, he delivered fabulous images collaborating
    brilliantly with director and crew. Our film went on to win the competition, we couldn't have done it without him."
    -Guy Birtwhistle (Producer Savile Park Studios)
  • "Moving Images was recommended to me to direct and shoot a Pilates video. Even with a low budget and low production value,
    we were still able to Win the Pilates Style 2008 Best Video of the Year award. Keyan’s style is very low stress, making it easy for
    performers to feel more confidence. Not only was I pleased with the result, but his service in the last two years when I’ve needed
    duplication's, or shipping or corrections has been immaculate. I would recommend Keyan as a serious, yet in-neurotic filmmaker."
    -Siri Dharma Galliano (Owner Live Art Pilates www.liveartpilates.com)
  • "A few weeks back, a filmmaker came to me to ask for guidance as he embarks upon producing his first Indie Film. He asked me
    dozens of questions about what to expect from the experience and while I mostly forced to give him indefinite answers about
    the vicissitudes of filming, there was one question to which I could offer an emphatic and resolute response. He had asked me to
    pinpoint the one thing that was indispensable to our production. And without hesitation, the glimmer of an expectant smile creeping
    into my eyes, I shot back, "That's easy. You need a Keyan."

    Very few names can ever become synonymous with the qualities they embody, but I believe that Keyan deserves precisely that honor.
    From his nuanced eye and flawless cinematography, to his technological savvy, to his facility with organization, Keyan is like the Swiss Army Knife for solving your on-set conundrums. He is a cinematic marvel, not only gifted and professional, but blessed with a work ethic that surpasses all I have ever encountered. If you need a cinematographer, producer, editor, camera operator, or even a director, I cannot recommend anyone more enthusiastically than Keyan Safyari and Moving Images Entertainment."
    -Matt Walerstein (Writer/Director, "The Diet Life")
  • "We retained Keyan Safyari and his Company, Moving Images Entertainment, to produce our pilot for a TV reality show. Keyan was
    pleasant, patient and handled the job professionally and had great crew to work with. He used state of the art equipment and finished the job within the budget and time line of the project. He is hard working, dedicated, always available, proactive and multitalented. One man show, he can shoot, direct, edit and work in all areas of production. I highly recommend him for any job."
    -Homeira Goldstein (President, "Arte Ave.")